20 people who shared a photo of the happiest day of their life

Some life experiences make us so happy we think we'll burst with joy. Here's a selection of people who snapped and shared their wonderful moment.

In a world where we're bombarded by stress and bad news, it's vital to focus on the happy events in our lives, whether they're planned or a welcome surprise. Every positive moment helps us become more optimistic, and it's even better when we can share the joy with others.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate how amazing life can be.

1. When a simple pizza hides an important question

© stelly8 / Reddit

2. From scan to birth

© NotMeButMyCat / Reddit, © NotMeButMyCat / Reddit

3. Celebrating 4 months of unconditional love

© DavidWallaceSu*It / Reddit

4. She painted this to show her partner how much she loves him

© tinytinatuna2 / Reddit

5. Mom and baby both in good health after a very difficult pregnancy

© mrs-Gsalt / Reddit

6. He knitted this bouquet for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day

© yarned-and-dangerous / Reddit

7. She sold all of her paintings during her exhibition

© tinytinatuna2 / Reddit

8. He hand made this bouquet for his mom

© WiggleNdGiggles / Reddit

9. His daughter was born on his birthday

© Zweetkonijn / Reddit

10. When you and your cat give birth on the same day

© Hoot2687 / Reddit

11. This artist is partially blind and produced this incredible portrait

© Yankee_Man / Reddit

12. Upcycled from two pieces of clothing that would have otherwise ended up in the trash

© Poke4Ever10 / Reddit

13. After years of trying for a baby, this was the gender reveal moment!

© mitch3758 / Reddit

14. She made this for her dad, who loves origami and boats

© pocketsies / Reddit

15. The day she met her baby sister

© Bookaholicforever / Reddit

16. A homeless family finally manages to buy their own home

© BatmanDonut / Reddit

17. He saved up for this fridge for ages!

© ComradeVISIXVI / Reddit

18. After failing to conceive for a long time, this future mom fell pregnant and here she is one month before giving birth

© vivolleyball15 / Reddit

19. A dad meets his new baby

© something_something8 / Reddit

20. He took his grandma to prom!

© NovDavid / Reddit