20 people who secretly posted hilarious photos of their partners as kids

Who gets to see our childhood photos is a delicate subject. They're often a huge source of embarrassment, particularly when it comes to our hairstyles or 'sense' of fashion and things can only get worse if they fall into the wrong hands.

The problem nowadays is social networks - in just one click your worst childhood photo is shared across the globe and destined to spend eternity out there in the ether.

Suffice to say we've all got cheesy photos hidden away in family albums - a crowning adolescent moment, wearing an awful jumper that our grandma knitted for Christmas, having a complete meltdown, terrible year book photos, showing off our latest 80's hairstyle...

Here are 20 childhood photos that were secretly shared by the one person these people trust - their partners! Hopefully none of these have led to the divorce court, but still we highly recommend that you keep yours locked away in a safe!

1. "My husband's going to kill me when he finds out I shared this childhood photo!"


2. "When my wife was young, she looked like a 60 year-old woman!" 


3. "My husband gave me permission to share this photo of him from 2003."


4. "Here's what my wife looked like in 4th Grade."


5. "Have you seen Stranger Things? I think my wife looks like Dustin!"


6. "I managed to persuade my girlfriend to post before and after photos!"


7. "My wife finally let me share this photo of her in her football kit.  What a sense of style!"


8. "Here's my husband as a child."


9. "Here are some photos of my husband as a young man..."


10. "Here's my boyfriend when he was in 9th Grade - I forgot that mullets were in fashion back then!"


11. "My wife in a 'Pilgrim Father's' outfit in 1987'


12. "My wife showing off her basketball trophies..."


13. "Yes, this is my wife as a child... You'd think she was 60 years old!"


14. "I found this photo of my boyfriend... He told me he was 13 years old at the time and was trying to look 'cool'.


 15. "Here's my husband (left) with his best friend in 1999… They look like a couple of young gansters!"


16. "Here's a photo of my husband when he was at college."


17. "Here's my wife when she was 8. She clearly loved piñatas!"


18. "It seems that my girlfriend and I had very different upbringings..."


19."By the age of 2, my husband was already getting drunk on chocolate."


20. "My husband left his account connected and guess what I found?  Photos of him as a kid!"