20 people who pushed the limits of creativity!

Some people have creativity in their bones... From lateral thinking to artistic abilities, these guys don't let life's problems get in their way and can turn a problem into something positive, often with hilarious results!

Here are 20 people who pushed the limits of their creativity, much to the amusement of us all!

1. A polite request

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2. How to deal with a tattoo of your ex's name

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3. Turn a dent into a blockbuster classic

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4. When a flood means you can try out your latest toy!

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5. Growing old doesn't mean we lose our sense of humor!

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6. Turn a bruise into an animal...

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7. Or transform a scar into a cool tattoo!

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8. Make a monster out of bandages

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9. The comfiest chair in the house?

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10. This guy parked illegally, but put a fake parking fine on his windscreen to avoid getting a real one!

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11. When clever kids decide to make their school look snowed-in!

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12. And suddenly a broken screen looks cool!

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13. When a dead tree becomes a work of art

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14. Make the most out of every opportunity!

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15. No need to have a fridge when it snows as much as this!

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16. Hilarious!

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17. When you don't have a fork...

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18. Stuck in a jam?  Use the time to top up your tan!

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19. A 'Thumb in Shining Armor'

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20. If you don't like grazing animals, go for a lawnmower!

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