20 people who probably wished they'd stayed in bed that day

Experts claim that for a lifespan of 75 years, we'll all spend around 9,125 days in bed and in these guys' cases, we reckon they should have added one more!

We all have those days when something goes wrong, often through no fault of our own. From malfunctioning tools to unintentional clumsiness or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time...

The following people have all been through something we all hate... A really bad day without having asked for it!

20. POW!

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19. At least this happened before they drove off

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18. Getting ready for work when you're still half asleep

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17. Plus he's facing a CCTV camera!

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16. The famous exploding paint can scenario

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15. Close call!

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14. We hope they have a vacuum cleaner

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13. Going, going, gone!

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12. We reap what we sow...

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11. Time to order in a pizza

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10. Tree 1, Man 0

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9. At least they have an honest reason for being late for work

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8. We really pity these guys

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7. Ouch - hope she got to hospital quickly

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6. Not the 'Ultimate Driving Machine'

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5. On a positive note, it'll keep the kitchen nice and warm

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4. Ever had to lick your keyboard clean?

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3. A defrosting car

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2. Dog vs cookie jar

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1. Some days are worse than others...

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