20 people who had the last laugh when they offered someone a gift

Giving someone a gift leaves us with a real feel-good factor, but some people also like to spice things up a little, often with hilarious results!

Here are 20 people who had the last laugh when they offered a close one a 'gift with a difference'...

1. This English girl asked her parents for a six-foot teddy bear and this is what she got!

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2. Three guesses what this is...

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3. This little girl loves the movie Frozen, so her mom decided to give her a 'chilly' gift!

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4. When you decide to prank a close one...

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5. When you ask someone for Bitcoins as a gift...

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6. Well, they did ask for an Apple Watch!

7. When your son asks for games as his Christmas gift!

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8. When you work for Apple and manage to get your hands on some packaging...

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9. Don't use meat-patterned paper if your gift's for a vegetarian

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10. Tell it like it is!

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11. Offer someone several pairs of socks, but wrap up each pair differently!

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12. Offer your wife a ring...

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13. Use personalized wrapping paper to liven up a gift for a close one...

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14. Wrap up skis in the form of a cross

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15. Use fast food wrappers.... Just make sure they're clean!

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16. How to build up and then crush someone's hopes...

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17. When you offer your nieces and nephew a personalized T-shirt!

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18. Why not offer yourself as a gift?

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19. When you say you love cats and then receive this galactic gift!

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20. Buy 100 $1 gifts rather than buying one gift that costs $100!

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So there you go... A number of hilarious gift ideas that you may want to consider next time a birthday or Christmas comes around. People love a good sense of humor, so let your imagination run wild and offer someone a gift they'll never forget!