20 people who found the perfect solution to their problem

Sometimes when problems crop up, we don't have much time to find a solution and have to quickly put our problem-solving skills to the test! Whether we need to fix something in a hurry or just simply want to make our lives easier, we all have times when we need to think laterally...

So in honor of the creative thinkers out there, we've put together a hilarious selection of photos showing people's problem-solving skills... And who cares if they look silly - the only important thing is that their system works!

1. When you need to use your head as a table

© numberoneus / Reddit  

2. Missing a paper punch, but have a drill to hand?

© acidcow.com  

3. Just make sure it doesn't boil over!

© unknown / Reddit  

4. Because the snow plough can't get down your street

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5. Getting ready for a vacation

© MasterDrank / Imgur  

6. An engineer putting their education to good use!

© ltdriser / Reddit  

7. DIY shark

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8. Forget about raking up the leaves... Have a barbecue instead!

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9. Clever idea for copy typists

© Bushlexia / Imgur  

10. Creative packaging tape repair job

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11. Turn a lid into a spoon!

© cookieeatshobo / Imgur  

12. No pizza cutter?  Just use a skate!

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13. When you can't afford a new car seat

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14. Alternative cheese plate!

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15. When your camera becomes a mirror

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16. Alternative kitchen utensil

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17. So that you don't waste a drop of gas!

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18. Improvised safety mask

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19. A clever use for hangers!

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20. Cheap house extension...

© K0TO / Imgur