20 people who beat bigotry using wit and humor

Over recent years bigotry has once again taken hold, as people become less tolerant of others who don't share their point of view. Hate has replaced acceptance and every day we hear stories of small-minded people who either seem bent on forcing their messages down our throats or believe that throwing insults is the way forward.

So in honor of a 'different strokes for different folks' approach to life, here are 20 people who used wit and humor to confront bigoted behavior.

1. Right back at ya!


2. He's got a point! At LBGT Pride in San Diego.


3. When international students decide to have their say



4. 10 out of 10 for her witty shut-down


5. We can't stop laughing...



6. Maybe someone secretly wants to come out of the closet?


7. Added plus? It's also a funny 'double entendre' if you're British - 'fags' means 'cigarettes'!


8. It's a fact!


9. Another reason why we love Ian McKellen


Ian McKellen joined the London 'Women's March' after Trump's election and carried a banner of his close friend, Patrick Stewart, face-palming. Ian often calls Patrick 'pussycat', so joining a march where women wore their 'pussy hats' in reference to Trump's unsavory comments makes this even funnier.  Big round of applause to Ian!

10. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... Good use of irony!



11. Gay Pride in Chicago - we love how the cop's also laughing!



12. You've been warned!



13. Keep your cool!


14. A lesson to those who are sometimes too quick to quote the Bible


15. Excellent take on the famous 'priceless' advertising campaign!



16. In front of an abortion clinic in the USA



17. These guys deserve a crate of beer!


18. Another hilarious shut-down


19. Never argue with statistics...

Big Heritage


20. One for the fashionistas amongst you!