20 people who are a law unto themselves!

As the saying goes, some rules are meant to be broken. Or, as in the following selection, some people prefer to make up their own... They are quite happy to do things their own way - without breaking the law of course!

They don't do harm, but rather have their own way of looking at the world often with hilarious consequences. They don't follow the crowd, often find creative ways to solve a problem and, last but not least, prove that individuality is to be praised not scorned!

1. A real superhero!

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2. We love this idea!

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3. When you prefer lawns to pools

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4. Spaghetti hoop ice cubes...

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5. The jury's still out...

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6. Any ideas? Nope, us neither!

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7. Time to fire the engineer who did this

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8. When you don't have a transformer for your charger

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9. A little extra room for maneuver

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10. If only this were true!

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11. And they wondered why they were too scratched to play

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13. Play guitar with your feet

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14. How long before a cramp sets in?

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15. Just taking their bananas for a walk...

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16. What to do when a catastrophe strikes

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17. They only had one job...

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18. Because ketchup is good enough to drink

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19. Because some people like to over-complicate things

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20. Would you take a photo of someone having their photo taken?

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