20 original and practical objects that are taking the world by storm

Some designers deserve awards thanks to ideas that create a monumental buzz among consumers. Sometimes the concept is so simple that we wonder why we didn't think of it ourselves!

Here's a selection of 20 ultra-cool objects that are so well thought out, they deserve to go down in design history... 

1. The censorship towel

© Carmichael Collective  

2. Flat rectangular water bottles that can be slipped into a handbag or briefcase

© Memobottle  

3. A toothpaste that turns from blue to white when your teeth are properly cleaned

© Plaque HD  

4. A device that cancels all outdoor noises

© Muzo  

5. Ever seen a cat ski?

© Beardo  

6. Practical and pretty

© Bertrand Jayr, Lyon Beton/Wayfair  

7. A must for Star Wars fans!

© sweet_n_low/Reddit  

8. Useful and fun!

© Amazon  

9. We love this design!

© PiggyStarDust/Imgur  

10. A scooter meets suitcase

© The Parents Shop  

11. A multi-function snowflake!

© HexFlex  

12. A sleep mask that lets you listen to music/audio books, while blocking out light and other noises

© Silentmode  

13. Sugar in the form of a doily!

© SweetDejaVu/Etsy  

14. Very elegant office essential

© Omoshiroi Block/triad-japan  

15. A mug that lets you squeeze your teabag!

© Samir Sufi/Design Milk  

16.  Food coloring in a spray!

© The Deli Garage  

17. Completely waterproof bag!

© Matador  

18. Planet lollipops!

© Vintage Confections  

19. Fireproof gloves!

© Amazon  

20. Anti-stress cubes that really work!

© Fidget Cube/Facebook