20 inventions everyone should start using today

We’re always looking for ways to improve our lives, how to make them more comfortable and more luxurious. As years go by, technology improves, giving us the possibility of ever more remarkable inventions.

Day after day, inventors offer more revolutionary products, some of which are already finding their way into many people’s homes. It all comes with a cost, of course, but it's worth it.

1. We can always wonder about the need for a pool while in the ocean...

© Amazon  

2. You can charge your laptop with a USB cable on this bus.

© Unknown user / Imgur  

3. No worries about leaving your dog alone outside this supermarket in Copenhagen

© Flixen01 / Reddit  

4. It may be just a minor detail, but do you know of any other orange juice cartons that let you see how much is left?

© iWillPunchAMuffin / Reddit  

5. He’s charging his sneakers using the couch...

© thedadfromJumanji / Reddit  

6. This bracelet is for people with Alzheimer's Disease! A QR-code gives the person’s information and contact details for loved ones.

© Difralen / Pikabu 

7. Play while you feed the fish! This golf ball is 100% fish food.

© gostoney / Reddit  

8. A place to “park” your dog – still a lot less modern than the one in Copenhagen.

© plushpillow / Reddit  

9. The cast of the future! It speeds up healing by 40% using ultrasound technology!

© PHIL-yes-PLZ / Reddit 

10. Resealable cans – a perfect alternative to plastic!

© Noremac77 / Reddit  

11. Wheelchair-accessible stairs...can be used by scooters and bikes too.

© ZockMedic / Reddit   © maxima03 / Reddit  

12. People over 4 feet tall – watch your head…

© TideSinger / Reddit  

13. A unique neighborhood map!

© mrwhitedynamite / Reddit  

14. A wooden floor in the wine section of a French supermarket reduces the chance of bottles breaking if they fall!

© Zeplinehord / Reddit  

15. For those who are addicted to their phones, this city installed traffic lights on the ground.

© govtechnews / Twitter  

16. A sunscreen station on the beach!

© J0hnnyArs0n / Reddit  

17. Copenhagen has set up a bike-friendly playground to teach kids the rules of the road.

© MY2200 / Reddit  

18. In this clothing store, you can see what you’ll look like at different times of the day!

© Peachpai / Reddit 

19. Vending machines: not just for food anymore!

© DutchBrownie / Reddit  

20. An air-conditioned doghouse outside a business in Michigan!

© thx_CaptainObvious / Reddit