20 impressive tattoo cover-ups

Lots of people get inked on a whim, only to deeply regret it once they see the abysmal end result.

This is where the art of tattoo cover-ups comes into play as expert artists turn a disaster into something truly awesome! Here are just a few of many incredible examples…

1. From black lines to full-on "musical" color

2. Just get a new Pikachu!

3. When dreadful is transformed into amazing

4. Great sense of humor!

5. Evolution!

6. A youthful result!

7. When history replaces insults!

8. Far more poetic...

9. When you want something more complicated that minimalist lines

10. From a quote to a stunning landscape

11. How to cover a faded unicorn

12. When your girlfriend becomes your ex!

13. Yeah, the owl is way better

14. Filling up an arm

15. We love this mechanical version

16. Hilarious!

17. A tree of life

18. A dog that really knows how to party

19. Prettier and a lovely color

20. In keeping with the first one's medieval theme