20 ideas that range from totally stupid to utter genius!

Improvising a solution to a problem requires a creative mind, but it can also save us a lot of money. That said, some people should put their 'creativity' back in its drawer, particularly when their life hacks are either useless or even dangerous!

Here's a selection of 20 ideas that are mixed bag of totally stupid alongside utter genius! So what do you think of these? Worth a try or deserve to be ditched?  Share your comments with us below!

1. A rocking chair

© PoweredByADD/reddit  

Seeing how expensive rocking chairs can be, this guy's come up with a cheap, workable solution!

2. A crate couch!

© agcmedia  

Be eco-friendly by recycling plastic crates!

3. A functional soap dispenser

© wonderless2686/reddit  

A simple solution for when the restroom runs out of soap!

4. A roller bike!

© Something_Syck/reddit  

Wonder what happens when he has to turn a corner or suddenly break...

5. A shopping cart bike

© RalphiesBoogers/reddit  

A 2-in-1 solution for trips to the grocery store or for transporting heavy stuff, but again we're wondering how he could handle a bumpy ride or a sharp turn!

6. A 3-wheel Audi

© poppzE/reddit  

Why take your Audi to the scrap yard when all you need to do is turn it into a 3-wheeler?

7. A practical, if unsightly repair job!

© imgur  

Why waste money on a new clock when a piece of paper and black marker pen will do the job?

8. A really uncomfortable bike!

© torqen_ze_bolt/reddit  

The plus?  It can carry two people. The downside?  One of you will end up with splinters in your ass!

9. Broken faucet hack

© TheNdogg20/reddit  

Use the 'straw method' to plumb in a replacement faucet!

10. Don't have an iron?

© imgur  

Who cares what you use? If this removes creases, then why not?

11. When you run out of toilet paper

© matdrawment/reddit  

Because when you gotta poop, you gotta poop! Plus if you cut it in half it'll fit on the toilet paper holder!

12. Tennis ball shock absorbers

© CianHa/imgur  

We love this awesome shock absorber idea and wish we could see it in action!

13. Alternative coffee machine use

© imgur  

If you're hard up and trying to save money, use your coffee maker to cook vegetables, eggs, pasta or hotdogs, whilst heating up your rolls...

14. K'NEX headphones

© imgur  

Broken headphones?  Just use your younger brother's K’NEX pieces for an original touch...

15. An unusual coffee table

© bg1987/imgur  

It may not be the most stable of tables, but it's a great way to recycle an old TV!

16. When you need to take a discreet nap in class

© tumblr  

This guy's a genius!

17. If you're a musician who also wants to treat your loved one to a romantic meal

© Gordondel/reddit  

If this doesn't impress them then nothing will!

18. Tupperware headlight

© imgur  

A cool idea but we wonder if the plastic would melt after a while...

19. A broom windscreen wiper

© imgur  

It'll get rid of dust, but may scratch the glass!

20. Play Jenga with pallets!

Would you dare use this gas station?