20 ideas and lifehacks that have surprising results

Faced with situations that at first appear totally dire, some people have the ability to quickly put their problem-solving skills to the test. They're not necessarily ideas that should be commercialized, but they've got someone out of a twist when they needed it most!

Plus they're often ideas that most of us can try at home. Some are more useful than others, and we're as yet to find out if any did actually end in disaster, but in honor of these creative thinkers, here's a little selection for you to browse!

1. Gets rid of all grime!

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2. Why wait for them to cool down?

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3. A temporary fix if your wing mirror breaks

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4. Settle down with a good book

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5. Hotel hack!

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6. When you don't have a strainer, but you do have a tennis racket

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7. Hangers aren't just for clothes

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8. The positive side of heavy snowfall

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9. Only if it's a tiny fire!

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10. Not sure we'd risk this!

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11. When you break your last cup

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12. Nope, this is just wrong!

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13. At least they bought the ingredients!

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14. One for lazy people!

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15. And for even lazier ones!!!

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16. Shopping carts make great barbecue grills

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17. Why didn't we think of this?

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18. Enjoy a solo barbecue!

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19. When your microphone stand breaks

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20. Alternative way to boil eggs!

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