20 hilarious wedding photobombs that crowned the newlyweds' special day

Wedding days are one of the happiest moments of our lives and most couples will call on a professional photographer to immortalize the moment they tie the knot or pose for their official picture.  However, stunning backdrops, perfect lighting and flattering angles can often be outshone by unexpected 'visitors' - much to the delight of the newlyweds and their guests!

Here are 20 photos that are guaranteed to take pride of place in a wedding album - and also put a big smile on your face!

1. This little guy also wants a kiss

B.D.F.K. Photography

2. When the love of your life morphs into an owl

3. He must have done this deliberately - just check out that cheeky grin!


4. When a surprise guest wants to join in on the fun


5. Because it's also the llama's special day

Caroline Tran

6. When the flower girl decides to steal the moment

Leah Bullard

7. Ugh, why would humans want to do that to each other?

8. Because cats rule the world... and wedding photos!

Jack Looney Photography

9. … Although dogs aren't far behind

Ivey Pictures

10. When a little girl sees a chance to escape

Annette Burgess

11. It's said that a dog will never leave your side... particularly if they fancy a quick nap!

12. Cute kitten smiling for the camera!

13. A meerkat keeping watch to make sure no one ruins their special moment


14. When the pastor has drunk too much of the communion wine?


15. When a little girl wants you to scoot over

Brian Dorsey Studios

16. Love is all around us...

Rebecca Sprau

17. When you're so hot you don't care about vows!

Abby Photography

18. Beluga whales just love wedding ceremonies


19. When a marriage makes you mull over your single status


20. Hilarious! One of the best wedding photobombs we've seen!