20 hilarious times when parents tried and failed with the latest technology

Technological advances often trip up the older generation, whether it's coming to grips with smartphones, learning new apps or entering the virtual world of social networks.  That said, 10 out 10 for wanting to keep up with modern times, even if it doesn't always go as planned!

Here are 20 examples of parents who tried and failed with technology, much to the amusement of their families (and us!).

1. "My dad wanted a photo of himself beside his new high-tech cooker, but he doesn't know how to take a selfie, so decided to Photoshop himself into the shot!"

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2. "My grandma doesn't understand that her iPhone has a zoom option."

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3. When a parent resorts to Snapchat...

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4. When your grandma decides to update her career status on Facebook...

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5. This young woman was surprised to find this in the post!  Her grandma managed to take a selfie, but sent by it regular mail rather than by email or text!

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6. "Configuring a computer or a connection is easy for us, but my parents didn't realize they needed to enter an email address rather than their postal address!"

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7. "My dad tried to print out a YouTube video!"

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8. "My dad called me in a panic as his laptop stopped working.  He said the battery was flat, even though he'd charged it up overnight... Oh where to begin..."

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9. "My grandma printed out Facebook screenshots as she didn't know how to save the photos onto her hard drive."

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10. Ah bless... Emily's dad took her request a little too seriously!

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11. This lady doesn't understand the front-facing camera option

12. "My grandma phoned me in a panic as everything on her PC seemed to be working the wrong way round... Check out the mouse!"

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13. High-tech grandma!

14. "My dad's discovered selfies and now won't stop sending them to me!"

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15. "My grandma replied to an online survey... But printed it out first!"

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16. "My mom would see the '"What's happening" prompt every time she signed onto Twitter and thought that she needed to reply!"

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17. "My grandma thought that she needed to a literally ask Facebook to publish her Christmas photos. When I told her it didn't work like that she said that it was my grandad who suggested she ask Facebook to do it!"

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18. "My grandma understands the concept, but still needs to hone her selfie skills!" 

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19. This lady decided to print out an entire Facebook thread so that she could read all the comments.

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20. "We taught our uncle how to use Photoshop. A week later I received this photo!"

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So what about you? Do you have any funny parent/grandparent vs technology stories or photos that you'd like to share?