20 goose bump-inducing photos

In his book Danse Macabre (AKA the Dance of Death), Stephen King talks about the horror genre, from classic spine-chillers to the blockbusters we see in theaters today. Whether it's the subtle techniques in Rosemary's Baby to the gruesome Saw, lots of us love settling down to a good horror movie even if we know it'll give us nightmares!

Horror movies play on the things that scare us in real life, so in honor of this creepy genre here are 20 goose bump-inducing real-life photos guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!

1. While out walking, this guy suddenly got chased by two 'demonic dogs'!

© anchutka01/pikabu  

2. This lady started up her car, but suddenly heard a strange noise. Guess what she saw next...

© Krissy_Lyn/twitter  

3. When your dog leaves the grooming parlor looking like a possessed beast

© kaimccann_/twitter  

4. The day you heard a weird noise behind a door...

© LoliWaifu/pikabu  

5. When an alien cat wants to come inside

© SSSA/pikabu  

6. A very creepy atmosphere!

© tnacolge/reddit  

7. When icicles want to you do die...

© JustRusya/pikabu  

8. Don't worry, it's not blood, but rather an industrial blood orange juice maker

© hekabip/reddit  

9. When bats take over your new house extension

© InterestingGirl/pikabu  

10. You'd be forgiven for thinking this is the beginning of the end of the world...

© 25tonn/pikabu  

11. When you're staying in a creepy hotel and enter an elevator only to find that it doesn't stop at your floor...

© Snatex/pikabu  

12. Beware of the dog...

© IWishItWouldSnow/reddit  

13. A fairground game guaranteed to give your kids nightmares!

© vova1991god/pikabu  

14. When a pelican attacks...

© kirbysdownb/reddit  

15. One way to make sure your mother-in-law doesn't stay for long...

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16. These suddenly appeared in a kids' playground!

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17. "We're watching you..."

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18. This guy built an underground bunker and this is what his daughter saw when she opened the door...

© Colombianthunder/reddit  

19. When machines take over the world

'Sorry, the cash register isn't a slave'

© Xar0n/pikabu  

20. There's something lurking in the trees...

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