20 genius ways to stop your pet from destroying your Christmas tree!

It's a time of year that every pet owner dreads... Christmas, with its tantalizing decorations that are just too hard for a playful pet to resist! And the worst offenders are? Why cats, of course! Why bother climbing a tree in the garden when there's a nice one indoors that's also covered baubles, tinsel and garlands? As for dogs, well baubles are balls after all and tinsel can be held like a stick... Suffice to say that whatever pet you have, you've probably had days when you've come down for breakfast only to discover your lovely tree lying in tatters on the floor!

Some owners, however, have decided to take things in hand and devised ways to stop their four-legged friends from declaring war on their Christmas tree... And we're sure you'll agree with us when we say their imagination knows no bounds!

Here are 20 ways you can prevent your usually lovable cat or dog from turning your living room into a battle field!

1. This family cut their tree in half, stuck both parts to the ceiling and put a real stuffed fox on guard!


2. Make the most of your pet's fear of vacuum cleaners! Works a treat every time!


3. An eye-catching, elegant way to protect your tree!


4. Sometimes it's just best to avoid tempting your pet - here's a tree in a household that has feral cats!


5. This cat's owner has also gone for the anti-cat suspended tree method

Cole & Marmalade

6. "Every time he tries to play with a bauble we punish him by dressing him up as Santa Clause for 15 minutes!"


7. A minimalist tree that's just out of kitty's reach!

8. If you have a cage handy, here's another way to keep your tree cat and dog-free!

Cole and Marmalade

9. Although if you have a big dog you may want to go for something more sturdy!


10. There's no hard and fast rule that Christmas trees need to be pines... Cacti work well too!


11. Hilarious - we love the look on this cat's face!


12. There's no way these cats could make it up this tree!  Hence their grumpy looks!

13. Extreme measures!  Also a great idea for storing away your tree without having to take down the decorations!

14. Sometimes a good 'ole fashioned dog barrier will do the trick!


15. Mmm, this cat looks like he's ready to give it his best shot!

Bill & Vicki T

16. Instead of stripping the tree, you could always only decorate the top half!

17. We're not convinced this kitty won't try, but for the time being she looks defeated!

18. An easy way to decorate your home without tempting your cat with bauble and tinsel...

Julianne Ruth

19. If your barrier ruins the sparkly Christmas effect, you can also decorate with it with bows!


20. Another upside down solution, this time with the stump attached to the ceiling!