20 frighteningly bad design fails

When we buy something we expect it to work and when we visit a place, we expect the fixtures and fittings to, at the very least, do a 'good job'. And then there are times when we're faced with hilarious or irritating, if not dangerous, design fails...

Here are 20 people who inadvertently bought something that proved to be useless or found themselves confronted with a shockingly bad design fail!

1. It looked great in the showroom, but imagine trying to keep this pristine clean at all times!!!

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2. The most useless flamingo in the world

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3. Not technically a design fail, but still... When your co-worker fills up the salt and pepper with sachets they stole from a restaurant

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4. Try going down these stairs without breaking your neck...

© Biaswords_ / reddit  

5. When a clothes hanger's turned into a chandelier...

© IAMmojo / reddit  

6. A restroom where you can kiss goodbye to the notion of privacy

© ohsureyoudo / reddit  

7. When an architect forgets to include the French window...

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8. "Sit down and make yourself comfortable..."

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9. Why on Earth would they put the toilet paper there?

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10. When a toilet is also a throne

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11. When your plumber only had one job...

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12. Words fail us...

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13. If you have OCD, then look away now!

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14. When your kitchen fitter is determined to install the drawers, no matter what it takes!

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15. When an architect doesn't realize there's a tree in front of the house they've just designed

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16. We so want to know what's behind this door... The Chamber of Secrets, a parallel universe...?

© AcidCow  

17. Dangerous improvisation!

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18. The most useless gate in the history of security systems

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19. Don't forget to crouch!

© silence_hr / reddit  

20. How exactly?

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21. When choosing the right floor requires puzzle-solving abilities

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Have you ever come across any jaw-dropping design fails? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!