20 freaky situations and coincidences caught on camera

How would you react if you saw an image of your head on a pair of socks? Or if you walked into a restroom only to discover your sneakers blend into the tiles?

You'd probably take a snap and share the strange coincidence... But what if it was something more freaky? Is it your mind playing tricks or is there something else at work? Whatever the situation, we all have weird experiences that are hard to explain, just like the following people!

1. Ever seen a stone-less avocado?

© TheEarthquakeLady / Reddit  

2. When you see your portait on a pair of socks!

© Unknown / Imgur  

3. Because some families love matching outfits...

© brneraccnt323 / Reddit  

4. The perfect match

© Wacate / Reddit  

5. Nature meets design - awesome effect!

© criss1016 / Instagram  

6. What came first? The dog or the bedlinen?

7. Doppelgangers spotted in a park

© Naivara_Liandon / Reddit  

8. Real or Photoshop fake?

© kinkadec / Reddit  

9. When your top matches a logo

© ndbanana / Reddit  

10. This is kinda freaky!

© scotdog / Imgur  

11. A helicopter cloud!

© Zulu_x / Reddit  

12. Maybe this tree inspired the logo?

© Wolfofassi / Reddit  

13. When you walk across a bridge in Paris, turn around and remark that someone looks just like Wes Anderson - and it turns out to be him!

© blowfishmo / Reddit  

14. A real-life pixelated tree

© PrizeFighter23 / Reddit  

15. Just make sure you eat the right one

© itsyaboy_spidey / Reddit  

16. The exact spot where the rain stops

© washheightsboy3 / Reddit  

17. This girl wants to be an astronaut and one day came across this painting of an astronaut in a local gallery

© JustHereToTease / Reddit  

18. When your shoes blend in to the carpet

© Shimmyftw / Reddit  

19. All the digits in ascending order!

© Filmip / Reddit  

20. This girl came across the photo on the left online and realized it was her grandma taking the photo on the right!

© curlysass / Reddit   © KSD4 / Reddit