20 everyday situations guaranteed to put us in a bad mood

Life is full of ups and down, but sometimes it only takes the tiniest thing to completely hijack our day and put us in a foul mood. Sometimes it's our own stupid fault, but if there's one thing that gets us grinding our teeth down to the bone, it's the ignorance of others...

Here are 20 everyday situations that would frustrate even the calmest of people.

1. When your room number's missing

2. When someone can't be bothered to spread out the topping

3. When we accidentally lose the page we're reading and can't remember the page number

4. When someone blocks us in

5. When you accidentally press the wrong button

6. When your notifications are repeated every minute

7. When something sets off your OCD

8. When books in a collection aren't the same size or design

9. When you've bought the only piece of fruit that has more pith than flesh

10. When people give false impressions

11. When a badly parked camper van takes up four places

12. When your blender breaks down mid-smoothie or soup

13. When one DVD in a box set doesn't match the others

14. When we accidentally close our browser

15. When someone blocks your view so that they can take a photo

16. When tabs go completely crazy

17. When people can't be bothered to properly park

18. When the sticker won't peel off

19. When you have a Kit-Kat (or other candy bar) fail

20. When a so-called professional's too lazy to do a good job