20 designers who deserve a medal

Even the most simple objects can hide a secret or have years of research behind them. They're the brainwaves of talented designers who love to take things a bit further, no matter how mundane the object may at first seem.

From basic plates to practical mugs, once these items arrive on their desks, the sky's the limit when it comes to their creative genius.

1. When soy sauce reveals a shinto shrine

© TCLP / Reddit  

2. A shirt that includes a fabric panel to clean your glasses

© Marvin_k2000 / Reddit  

3. Reveal a paper sculpture as you use this notepad

© TRIAD Inc.  

© TRIAD Inc.  

4. A personalized service

© riquillers / Reddit  

5. Want to be like Homer in the Simpsons?

© RordanJeed / Reddit  

6. A mug with a moustache protector!

© A-v-e-s / Reddit  

7. A cool way to help save the planet

© cbass62083 / Reddit  

8. Lights to make your flight more enjoyable

© little_parrot / Reddit  

9. A bottle that also features a map of the campus's filling stations

© ivb107 / Reddit  

10. A tablet to reassure passersby that your pet is fine

© Takaa / Reddit  

11. To let the air hostess know if you want to be woken up when meals are served

© alngrd / Reddit  

12. Keep on top of your medication times

© CptnBo / Reddit  

13. How to know if your parcel was handled correctly during transport

© 5exyJe5u5 / Reddit  

14. Motifs that only appear when it rains

© rainer511 / Reddit  

15. Diagrams that explain the weird noises a fridge can make

© Pnuttn / Reddit  

16. A splash-free wash basin!

© Tomoki14 / Reddit  

17. How to cheat during a chemistry test!

© Bl4kc / Reddit  

18. For anyone who buys flat-packed furniture

© Doctor_Nutsack / Reddit  

19. An octopus puzzle with octopus pieces!

© amabeebus / Reddit  

20. A bike with minimalist Simpsons characters!

© PPP_Your_Boat / Reddit