20 design ideas that will improve any home

Everyone thinks about design from time to time. This is especially true for those who dream of improving their homes, many of which are already considered futuristic. The current home fashion trend is to have more objects, as well as more space.

This can be a headache for professionals who have to come up with more sophisticated and useful storage solutions, while including technology in all their creations. Some examples are shown below.

1. In a few seconds, the glass enclosure slides completely open.

© Alukov   © Alukov  

2. Only 4 of you, but you have 8 dinner guests tonight? No worries, just unroll the table!

© Marcus Voraa  

3. A coffee table, a desk, and a storage space – everything is included in this multi-functional piece.

© Ozzio   © Ozzio  

4. Now you’ll never want to leave your bed!

5. One way to spend a night under the stars...

© Kats Archi   © Kats Archi  

6. Need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? These lights turn on as your feet touch the floor, guiding you there.

© Mylight.me   © Mylight.me  

7. Magnetic lights that turn on when you put your hand over them, so you can adjust the brightness

8. Sweep the broom, and a vacuum built in to the furniture is activated.

© Nicole Janes Design  

9. Trash can in full view of everyone? Not with this trash compactor!

© Joseph Joseph   © Joseph Joseph   © Joseph Joseph  

10. You have no excuse if you stub your toe!

© Soled  

11. An aquarium in the middle of the stairs! Why didn’t I think of that?

© Ihavenoideawhatishappening / imgur  

12. Make your house magical with a bubble wall!

© Hydroteka  

13. A creative and really unique sink

© blessthisstuff  

14. A 3D floor in the bathroom gives the feeling of being outdoors.

© AIC  

15. A 3D ceiling in the living room is magical too!

16. An interactive lamp that reacts to hand movements

© vertigo  

17. By raising the bedroom, you can turn it into a living room!

© YO! Company  

18. A slide to the laundry room will make chores a little less daunting!

19. Sometimes there’s hidden storage under the stairs... other times, there is a play room!

20. A movie screen next to the pool!