20 design ideas that turned out to be ingenious

Taking a man to Mars or creating artificial intelligence – is that really what we want? Our daily life on Earth still has so much room for improvement that we have to wonder why scientists want to conquer other planets. Fortunately, our heroes are just ordinary people who work to improve our daily lives.

Some internet users have created a top 20 list of genius ideas that they would like to see spread around the world. Whether these projects are good for the environment or just practical, you have to admit that there’s some genius in each one of them!

1. Avoid wasting water by using the sink water to flush the toilet.


2. Free coffee for just cleaning the beach up a little


3. You can’t miss the traffic lights in the Ukraine!


4. This is a well-designed water fountain: both people and animals can drink!


5. An ounce of prevention…


6. This furniture designer organizes the screws by which assembly step they’re used, rather than sorting them by type!


7. In Switzerland, each of these tubes lets you see a different mountain.


8. This carpet has been installed on the beach for easy access to wheelchairs and strollers.


9. An impressively transparent ingredient list, which should be on all products:


10. A remote elevator button, so the elevator is waiting for you when you get there.


11. The lid on this medicine bottle tells you the last time you opened it.


12. Finally, a curtain rod system that overlaps the panels so you can sleep in the hotel without being woken up by the sun!


13. In this elevator, movers (and everyone else) will be happy that they can push the floor button with their foot, instead of trying to do it with their hands when they are full!


14. The roofs of some UPS trucks let in light so drivers can see inside the truck!


15. In Copenhagen, there’s a bike path for children that teaches them the rules of the road, so they learn to travel the city streets with confidence!


16. This guardrail also acts as a bench to save space.


17. Thanks to a specific card issued by the city, elderly and disabled people can get longer to cross the street.


18. In this restaurant, you can open the toilet door without getting your hands dirty!


19. Airless bike tires!


20. Now it’s possible to swing with your baby!