20 clever ideas that will help to save our planet

We need to act now if we're to help the environment! No more nature means no more life on Earth. Is it too late? How can we help? Even if you've been a bit slack, there's no time like the present to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Everyone, in their own little way, can do something to help!

Numerous people have come up with ideas to help save the planet, including batteries with an integrated USB charger, or crockery made from used coffee grounds! Here's a selection of ideas that we hope to see across the globe.

1. Confetti that contains seeds

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2. In Japan you'll find toilets where water from the wash basin fills the cistern

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3. An alternative use for wine corks

4. Get fit while you blend a smoothie

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5. A playground with used tire pieces for a soft landing

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6. A battery with an integrated USB charger!

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7. Resealable/reusable soda cans

8. KitKats in Japan are wrapped in paper that's also an origami toy

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9. In Canada you'll soap refill stations

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10. Tags made from plantable paper

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11. A coffee cup and saucer made from used coffee grounds!

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12. This store gives out recycled wood discount coupons for anyone who brings their own bag

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13. A beachside cafe that offers a free coffee to anyone who collects a bag of trash

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14. A banana leaf rather than a plastic tub

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15. Stirrers made from pasta!

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16. A glass rather than plastic bottle

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17. Old doors used to construct a fence

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18. When a major tech giant comes up with an eco-friendly option

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19. Frozen cream cups rather than traditional glass or ceramic ones

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20. Turn shopping carts into garden chairs

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