20 celebrities whose hilarious snaps make their Instagram accounts worth browsing

It's hard to believe that only 20 years' ago social networks didn't exist.  Back in the day, celebrities had to rely on their talent in order to reach a wider public, but with arrival of apps such as Instagram, they can now let it all hang out and show their true selves!

Here are 20 celebrities who've embraced social media and are not afraid of goofing around in the process!

1. Julianne Moore loves playing around with filters and effects

2. Sarah Jessica Parker getting the better of paparazzi who wanted to snap her dozing on a flight

3. Tom Hanks loves 'breaking into' peoples' cars!  Is one of these yours?

4. Cameron Diaz loves posting photos of her garden produce

5. Martin Scorsese enjoying a laze in his pool - we love the inflatable donut

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger loves posing for birthday photos with his younger fans!

7. Sophie Marceau is known to enjoy a bit of self-mockery

8. Lena Headey has given up the Iron Throne to become a Queen Bee

9. Just Uma Thurman enjoying a day at the pool with her daughter

10. 'Choupette' - Karl Lagerfield's much loved moggie!

11. Drew Barrymore 'swimming' in Cover Girl freebies

12. Meanwhile Ian McKellen's feeding his chickens

13. Wolverine fishing without his claws

14. Naomi Watts being given a birthday tickle whilst on safari

15. Salma Hayek giving a hungry hippo a snack

16. Goldie Hawn falling asleep after a really big meal - it was the cake that finished her off!

17. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler strike their best pose

18. Robert Downey Jr. enjoying a meal with friends - after having once again saved the world!

19. Hugh Jackman swaps the scorching Australian outback for an icy, urban snow storm

© Hugh Jackman/facebook  

20. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau announcing that winter really is coming... and doing a bit of marketing too!