20 blood-curdling photos

Every human is afraid of something, no matter how small it may be. These fears can take different forms, like the fear of dangerous animals or the outdoors and nature. Some have a fear of people or of being confined, even the fear of the dark...

All these fears are rooted in our past experiences. They are also the result of beliefs that have been passed down over the years and even centuries. They can be concocted by our imagination, passed down from our parents, or developed based on things we know.

Some of the pictures below may scare you. Or at least you wouldn’t like to the person who took them.

1. The ??eyes are watching you!

© Tekomandor / reddit  

2. The fear of being taken under!

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3. Leave the door as it is and go the opposite direction!

© livingtool / reddit  

4. A ghost?

© ewilliam / reddit  

5. Ummm…we’ll take the bus today!

© 47Racing / reddit  

6. When your entryway camera shows you this!

© FatNDepressed / reddit  

7. Who dares to venture this way?

© ShakesSpear / reddit  

8. “At least we know we aren’t alone in the woods.”

© punksneverdie / reddit  

9. “I think I'll wait for the next wave, or maybe even get out of the water now…”

© MrObbus / imgur  

10. “We'll pretend like we didn’t see this guy!”

© AgalychnisCallidryas / reddit  

11. This lake is so nice!

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12. We’ll drink it without a straw!

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13. This isn’t a very reassuring scene!

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14. These things are scarier than anything else!

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15. You can’t think about the boat tipping over!

© CharlieDarwin2 / reddit  

16. Behind your walls...

© Colombianthunder / reddit  

17. “Hello, we welcome you with a smile!”

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18. I leave it to someone braver than me to open the curtains!

© n33ha / reddit  

19. The person who made this snowman has a messed-up mind!

© ChaBoy336 / reddit  

20. We need to make the fence a little taller!

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