20 baffling rules that have been introduced into schools around the world

In a lawsuit-riddled world where political correctness is also taken to extremes, schools are busy introducing rules that redefine the word 'baffling'. Their intentions may be good, but we're at risk of producing a generation of kids who are suffocated by petty rules and regulations! Don't believe us?  Then just read on...

1. Best friends

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A school in London has banned pupils from having best friends as the teachers believe it's too upsetting for kids if the friendship falls apart.

Making and breaking friendships is part of growing up and helps us to understand the dynamics behind social relationships.  We reckon it may simply be to stop kids from socializing whilst they're at school...

2. Father's day cards

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What could be wrong with Father's Day cards? Scottish schools have decided that it's unfair on kids who don't have dads, so Father's Day cards are banned from being made at school. So what about kids who don't have a mom or those being raised by same sex parents?

3. Facebook

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According to some people Facebook is the root of all evil! An all-girl Orthodox Jewish school in New York has given their students a choice: either delete your social network accounts or get expelled.  Their reasoning is that social networks make girls less modest, which goes against the school's ethos.  The principal even went so far as to say that "girls are getting killed by the internet."

4. No hugging!

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A school in Northampton, England has forbidden physical contact between kids and we're talking hugs, not sexual contact! Why? Because the teachers believe kids should learn to respect personal space... Both the parents and pupils in this school are up in arms, as they believe this could harm youngsters' social development.

5. Leggings and yoga pants

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A Massachusetts school has decided to ban leggings and yoga pants unless they're worn under a dress or sweater that covers girls' butts.  They may be comfortable, but they're considered to be too revealing and pupils should learn to dress 'for work'. They also believe they 'distract' the boys...

6. Backpacks

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In most American schools backpacks in the classroom are banned and they must be stored in lockers. Pupils will just take their books, computers or pencil cases to class. Why? Well, officially it's to keep classes orderly, avoid theft and prevent back strains, but it's also because weapons can be stashed away in a backpack!

7. LOL and other acronyms

A school in South Yorkshire has banned the use of acronyms as it wants pupils to use 'proper' rather than 'text' English.


8. Rubber bands

Rubber bands are not allowed in many US schools as they are too distracting. Pupils will fiddle with them, lance them at each other and generally not pay attention in class. It goes without saying that they'll just find something else to do to while away the time...

9. Playing tag

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In some American schools, kids are banned from playing tag as it can lead to being hurt or humiliated. We're wondering what sort of games they are allowed to play in order to have fun, keep active and help them to psychologically unwind in between classes...

10. Christmas

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So as to respect all religions, some American schools have forbidden all religion-related decorations including Santa Claus. Some have even banned 'festive' clothes including wearing green and red garments in the run up to Christmas.

11. Snowball fights

Two kids in a British school were expelled for having a snowball fight - something we all used to do the moment we saw a snowflake! We understand that kids can be a bit rough and their security is paramount, but surely just supervising break times is enough to keep things in check? We were raised to believe that being young is also about having fun...

12. Toilet paper

Toilet paper rolls have been banned in some UK schools as principals believe they are too unhygienic. We've yet to hear of a 'death by toilet paper poisoning' incident and besides that all of us are taught to wash our hands after visiting the restroom...

13. Shorts

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30 boys in a British school decided to rebel when they were banned from wearing shorts to school one summer. So what did they do? They turned up in skirts, which hadn't been banned!  We so wish we'd seen the principal's face!

14. Invitations

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A British school has banned its kids from handing out invitations as it could make some pupils feel left out. Yes it can be hurtful, but part of growing up is learning how to deal with disappointment.

15. Fidget spinners

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They took schools by storm, but now some UK institutions have banned fidget spinners because they're too distracting and potentially dangerous. They can be very useful for autistic or ADH children as they help them to focus, but apparently they have the opposite effect on other kids and prevent teachers from doing a good job in class.

16. Dodgeball

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A lot of US schools have banned dodgeball because it's too violent. Dodgeball is a popular game that involves throwing/dodging balls and helps kids to let off steam, so we hope these schools have come up with a 'safer' energetic option!

17. UGG boots

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So why were UGG boots banned in one US school? Because girls would use them to hide their cell phones.  A pretty dumb idea, as they'll only find another way to sneak their phones into class!

18. Jojo bows

Fashionable Jojo bows are banned in UK schools as their large, sparkly designs are too distracting in class. Teachers have also claimed that they cause friction between girls according to whether they're wearing the Jojo brand or a cheaper copy.

19. Hoodies

A Connecticut school has banned hoodies, not because they hide peoples' heads, but because kids would hide their cell phones in the kangaroo pockets and then try to sneak them into class. 

20. Correcting school work with a red pen

Some British schools don't let teachers correct class/homework with red ink because it can upset pupils.  Apparently using green, pink, yellow, purple or blue is less stressful for pupils... Imagine if a teacher decided to use all these colors for a morale-boosting rainbow effect!