20 baffling photos of customers spotted in stores

We all need to shop, but sometimes we can't be bothered to get dressed and try to sneak around a store in our pajamas, onesies, yoga pants... And just when we're beginning to feel self-concious, we'll come across someone who's so totally weird that it makes us look and feel completely normal!

Here are 20 photos of customers who are so off the crazy scale that they were snapped and shared across the globe...

1. If it's freezing cold, but you can't find your scarf, why not just put on your cat?

© Triune_God / reddit  

2. Menopausal hot flash?

© acidcow  

3. Just Alien hoovering the store

© [deleted] / reddit  

4. We love the way he has his own little harness!

© tacoblockosupreme / imgur  

5. So she can reach the high shelves?

© Gobobo / imgur  

6. She's gonna need a lot more than one box of hair dye...

© BigFatSlut / imgur  

7. Add height without resorting to surgery...

© NepoEgassap / reddit  

8. We assume that her kid's in the restroom and that she's not on a date with Pikachu

© chkenpooka / reddit  

9. They make less noise than babies...

© HumanExtinctionMovement / imgur  

10. When your granddaughter refuses to walk

© acidcow  

11. Try before you buy...

© so.swank / instagram  

12. When someone doesn't pay attention when getting dressed

© mariamishelle / reddit  

13. When a trip to the store is so tiring you have to nap

© TheMattAttack / reddit  

14. Maybe they run a zoo?

© zonlin / reddit  

15. Positive mental attitude

© acidcow  

16. When a dad takes the baby grocery shopping

© plutosrain / reddit  

17. Transport solution!

© acidcow  

18. Show off your figure no matter your age!

© acidcow  

19. When you take your baby goat to the store

© Ludder093 / imgur  

20. Chips 1 – Man 0

© 40ozinmylapandimfreezinmyjunk / imgur