20 awesome teachers everyone wishes they had

The field of education is reinventing itself. With the advent of new technology, a decent teacher has to change the way he or she teaches. This must be done more and more to hold the interest of their students.

There is nothing worse than a boring class. In fact, teachers have to use their imagination to stand out or distinguish themselves and win over their students. That’s exactly what these teachers have managed to do!

1. This teacher duct tapes her mouth during presentations to keep herself from interrupting her students.

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2. This teacher bought all the flags of the countries where his students come from!

© VortexParadox / Reddit 

3. In this class, when students finish their work, they get to go to a special room... one with video games!

© lolTheRobot / Reddit  

4. Four kittens were wandering around the school. This teacher caught one and went on teaching!

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5. This language arts teacher included Harry Potter in his reading program... creating bookmarks centered around the young wizard.

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6. This retired teacher drives city streets with this traveling library to encourage everyone to read.

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7. This geography teacher is worthy of his job!

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8. This teacher decided to build a robot to help him

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9. This chemistry teacher combines business with pleasure (and humor)!

© MeowMeowMatthew / Reddit  

10. When the cooking teacher gives a specific example... and puts it on display!

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11. “Yesterday, my English teacher asked me what I was passionate about... I said there wasn’t anything, except maybe I’d like to have a microscope one day. Today, he came back with this present for me.”

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12. “My math teacher gave me an extra point for this drawing on the back of the test.”

© BiiBoBiLance / Twitter  

13. A surprise for the students at this school – their art teacher took advantage of summer vacation to paint the entrance to the classroom.

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14. Every Friday, this substitute teacher dresses up as a banana and sings a song...

© Thundermike4 / Reddit  

15. This Taiwanese teacher handles chalk like nobody!

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16. “My mom is an amazing art teacher!” She asked her students to draw something on her dress!

© charlece_lake / Twitter  

17. This phone is almost 20 years old... Back then, the teacher nailed it to the wall, because his student was using it.

© Dansawsumting / Reddit  

18. This chemistry teacher decided to redesign his ceiling…

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19. This must be an art teacher, right?

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20. This teacher from Texas cleaned up the school grounds to educate his students!

© nathanjoco / Reddit