20 amazing and inspirational vacation photos

Instagram has changed our lives when it comes to bringing out our creative photo genius.

Happy memories are immortalized and there for the world to enjoy as much as we do. Awesome scenery, unusual angles, clever staging, and hey presto, your boring vacation snap becomes an award-worthy shot

Even if they don't go viral, photos can be the best way to chart our lives and experiences.

Here are 21 vacation photos that'll leave you totally amazed.

1. Chinese Shadow Puppets friends-style

2. It's all in the angle

3. The perfect balancing act

4. A sandy sandwich

5. Extreme trust fall

6. When staging takes a bit of courage

7. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

8. How to grow your own friends

9. You're good enough to eat

10. Because funny photos are the best

11. And stretch!

12. His size is a big as his love

13. Because sometimes we need a helping hand

14. Ooh la la!

15. When a clever angle quenches your thirst

16. The moon wasn't available, so he took the sun

17. We're loving this one!

18. Kaaaa- meeeeeee- haaaaaaa- meeeee- haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Wonder if they tried walking too...

20. THE best photo bomb ever!