19 ways to make life at work a bit more entertaining

Sometimes working in an office can be soul-destroying... It's a boring day and you're counting down the hours, or maybe your fun colleagues are on vacation and you're left with the office Grinch. Fortunately, there are loads of things we can do to while away the time.

Need inspiration? Check out the following selection and see if any of these ideas will help those dreaded days become a bit more fun!

1. Apparently you can slow cook an egg in a hot cup of coffee...

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2. Create your own sandwich filler dispenser

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3. Take the time to let your co-workers know when you made the coffee

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4. Being a sloth at work is so much more fun

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5. Turn the office aquarium into a Quidditch pitch

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6. Work outdoors on a sunny day

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7. We think this should be compulsary

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8. Add a festive touch your co-workers desk

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9. When your co-worker leaves a toy car in the wrong place

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10. A simple way to enjoy a warm donut

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11. Optical illusion

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12. Treat yourself to a foot hammock

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13. Kill some time by organizing the office pens

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14. Spend an hour seeing if this works

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15. How to sneak a memory card into work

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16. Make your own diffuser

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17. Keep an eye on your colleagues

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18. Time for a nap

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19. When it's time for everyone to have fun

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