19 unusual photos that people couldn’t wait to share

We all do it. When we take a picture of something rare, we rush to post it on social networks or send it to our friends or family. We are proud of what we’ve captured, but we’re also intrigued by it.

Because of that, we’re able to bring together several pictures which are worth going out of your way to see, because of their originality or how perfect they are. Check out these 19 pictures recently shared by Reddit users.

1. “The flash from my phone makes it look like her legs were Photoshopped!”

© kingpharmacy / Reddit  

2. When you happen to get a picture of the inside of a pelican’s mouth!

© tinytoebeans0709 / Reddit  

3. “I extracted both my husband’s and my brain scan from MRI images and he 3D-printed them.”

© grapefruitorama / Reddit  

4. “You can see where my nails stopped and started growing again between my chemo cycles.”

© mayyonnaise / Reddit  

5. The whole head of this garlic is in a single clove.

© actuallyalungfish / Reddit  

6. “My grandmother's carpet after moving her bed for the first time in 60 years!”

© HCSharpe / Reddit  

7. “My Uber driver's stick shift is a samurai sword!”

© KitsuneRisu / Reddit  

8. “This carrot had twins in the middle of it!”

© ringo-with-bits / Reddit  

9. “The reflection from my TV looks like the moon.”

© TippityTopKek1010 / Reddit  

10. “This is what happened when I put cream in the cup first before making the coffee.”

© now_in3D / Reddit  

11. This door is curved to fit the wall!

© bofadoze / Reddit  

12. “My grandfather's binoculars look like Wall-E.”

© Luke_burrell / Reddit  

13. Squirrels filled every hole in this tree with acorns!

© m4dm4cs / Reddit  

14. “I dropped my watch, and the numbers fell too!”

© mark_peters / Reddit  

15. This Japanese vocabulary book comes with a red filter to hide the answers…

© m4risa / Reddit  

16. Did this person have a pool table installed in his car or is it just a reflection?

© Scoimies / Reddit  

17. This plant is 4 stories tall!

© Vegsivir / Reddit  

18. This is the widest peace sign in the world!

© Paulpr0 / Reddit  

19. “I found a tiny crab inside this mussel I was about to eat.”

© emocelerystick / Reddit