19 touching photos where happiness abounds

What makes us happy and jump for joy? Falling in love, achieving a goal, overcoming an illness... Magic moments that make us realize how good life can be!

From special occasions to getting good news, whatever the reason, we get all fuzzy inside and grin from ear to ear. We feel a warm glow, and overwhelming sense of happiness, just like the people below - wonderful moments that make wonderful photos!

1. "My mom got married at age 61... I think this photo shows how happy she is!"

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2. "I stood up for the first time today, 10 days after getting a lung transplant"

© SaltyBabe / reddit  

3. "My mom's celebrating her first year post-chemotherapy"

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4. This lady won the Fantasy Football league and couldn't be happier that she beat these two guys!

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5. From fear to excitement!

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6. "My grandma took me in 15 years ago, when there was no other person to look after me. I love her!"

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7. When you watch your newly-married sister dance with your dad

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8. That incredible feeling when you meet your favorite superhero!

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9. "The first time I held my premature baby!"

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10. A nephew being spun around by his uncle!

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11. This lady donated her daughter's heart.  Here she is hearing it beat!

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12. This lady's just bagged her dream job as a forest ranger in Glacier Bay, Alaska!

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13. "My best friend's daughter, who underwent 8 chemotherapy treatments."

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14. Holding his wife's hand... After 60 years of marriage, his wife began to suffer from dementia and then suddenly had a stroke.

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15. When your partner walks for the first time after spending 10 years in a wheelchair

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16. "My little brother just became the most prolific braille reader in school history..."

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17. "I've just met the doctor who brought me into the world 33 years and 2 days ago."

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18. When you see your younger brother "score"

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19. "My ex-wife prevented me from seeing our daughter for 2 years, Yesterday, after being separated for 696 days, we finally saw each other!"

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