19 touching photos of dads who couldn't hold back the tears on their daughters' wedding day

Seeing your little girl grow up and one day leading her down the aisle is a momentous occasion for any dad! Even if they love their future son-in-law, saying goodbye to their daughter as she begins married life is a tough call, even if it's also a joyous moment...

After months of preparation, the day arrives and just seeing your daughter in her wedding dress is often enough for the tears to well up.

In honor of all dads who have had to say 'goodbye' to their 'little girl', here is a touching selection of photos, proving that nothing beats a dad's love for his daughter!

1. Floods of tears

Wedding Studios

2. A very close bond

onelove photo

3. Wow!!!

kristin brown photography

4. Whether to laugh or cry... Or both!

susan stripling

5. Enough to leave everyone in tears!

Joe Dantone

6. Speechless!

the kitcheners

7. Holding back the tears

8. One final kiss

juliea whitlock

9. Snif

Jon Harper Photography

10. You'll always be my little girl...

del sol photography

11. When it finally sinks in...

megan hook photography

12. He's not letting go!


13. One emotional and proud dad!


14. Jaw-dropping!

chris wright photography

15. When he wipes his eyes with the first thing he finds!

Danielle Nichol

16. His glasses steamed up

17. A little tear

18. Tears of joy

thomas beaman

19. Overwhelmed

mikos photographers