19 tips to help overcome some of life’s obstacles

What can you do when faced with a problem? In the majority of cases, you have to face it to come out stronger.

Often, you waste too much time cheating. It’s better to use this precious time finding a trick to get around the problem and defeat it. That's what these people did, all with great success!

1. Never will an onion make me cry again!

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2. It's a simple solution, but it still required creative thinking.

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3. When you have to move, this saves you from having to pack everything up!

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4. Use a straw to get butter to the bottom of your popcorn!

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5. There’s usually not a TV in the economy section, unless...

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6. Laptop won’t stay open?

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7. Lids have many different uses.

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8. How to use plastic bags and hooks…

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9. How to make sure you never forget your keys.

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10. The perfect nightstand

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11. Maximizing your space!

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12. Remember this arrangement so you can cook 2 pizzas at the same time!

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13. How to recycle a plastic bottle

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14. Tired of cleaning up after using the drill? Not anymore!

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15. A trick to soften butter: Put hot water in a glass to heat it up and then empty it out. Put the glass over hard butter. In a few minutes, it will be soft but not melted!

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16. Use painter’s tape to get exact locations of where to put your holes in the wall!

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17. A trick to use only one battery instead of two…

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18. A way to keep your paint can clean!

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19. Prevent shoulder bumps by hanging sweaters this way!

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