19 times someone's week got off to a really bad start

Hands up if you like Monday mornings! Only joking... Most of us dread the start of the week, but some studies claim that Tuesday is in fact the unluckiest day of the week. The important thing is to keep a sense of humor and, as in this selection, be happy to share your glitch with the rest of the world!

So if your day is gradually going belly up, rest assured that you're not alone and spare a bit of sympathy for these guys!

1. Would you be happy to sit on this?

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2. When you wish you'd called in sick that day

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3. Enough to give someone a heart attack

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4. Run rather than walk!

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5. Just a baboon stealing some groceries

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6. Attack of the killer swan

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7. A nail-biting start to the week

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8. We hope their insurance is up to date...

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9. Eek!  We hope they had a spare one!

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10. Yes, cats love hidey holes!

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11. When you're late for work and this happens

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12. Pileup!

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13. A very ominous breakfast

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14. Sometimes you should just stop trying

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15. When your friends get a little too enthusiastic

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16. In the wrong place at the wrong time

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17. Go back to bed. Now!

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18. We just hope no one got hurt!

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19. Oops... That sea looks really rough!

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