19 times a guy drove his partner crazy

There's no comparison between life as a bachelor and life as a couple. Some guys get it, other's are still on a learning curve...

While some men love being at their partner's beck and call, others couldn't care less if their loved one wants a helping hand with things around the house. The result? Well, you can browse through this hilarious selection of snaps! Although we're not sure the girlfriends/wives found them funny...

1. "I asked my boyfriend to run me a bath."

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2. When you ask him to do up your dress

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3. "I asked him to finish chopping the watermelon."

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4. Her boyfriend decided to braid his leg hairs...

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5. The day he used washing up liquid rather than dishwasher soap

6. She asked him to prepare some aperitifs

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7. "My boyfriend left his ice cream like this when he went to the toilet."

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8. He gave up after cutting one slice

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9. Where he left his plate...

10. "I asked him to make some labels."

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11. "Here's how my boyfriend lit a 3-wick candle."

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12. She asked him to organize the contents of the fridge

13. "This is how my boyfriend told me he'd shaved off his moustache and beard."

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14. When you ask your boyfriend to cross off the date and he has to do it this way

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15. He fancied a slice of bread

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16. "I asked him to hang up the bananas."

17. "I let my boyfriend cook the rice..."

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18. When you ask him to go to the store to get food for the weekend

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19. "I asked my husband to put the leftovers in the fridge."

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