19 things that could quickly become an indispensable part of our lives

How did we live before owning this or that object? We often ask ourselves this very question. Imagine if TVs didn't exist or if the internet had never been invented. If the latter were the case, you wouldn't be reading this article!

The world is constantly evolving and people continually adapt to change or to new technologies. Our lives are becoming even more connected to the point where we'll soon not be able to do without the latest gadgets. Ditto for time-saving objects or practical accessories. Just check out the following selection - before you know it, they could become an essential part of your daily life.

1. A robotic laundry folding machine!

© foldimate.com  

2. Stick on tattoos that look just like real ink!

© StopAndStareCo/etsy.com  

3. No need to lug a parasol around with you

© Shader/kickstarter.com  

4. This pretty and practical make-up pouch

© bluecrate.com  

5. Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee

© hammacher.com  

6. Shoe protectors

© Drysteppers/Facebook  

7. No more running over burning sand

© Nakefit/Facebook  

8. We love this idea!

© geticegenie.com  

9. Fun corn cob holders

© Amazon  

10. How to make perfect pancakes!

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11. Pots that let plants drink as and when they need to

© lesbambetises.com  

12. Just make sure your lake is big enough!

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13. Awesome kites!

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14. Fun ice cubes

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15. For clumsy people (or cats that love knocking things over!)

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16. The easiest laces in the world

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17. Toys that turn into hoodies

© Cubcoats  

18. A cool way for kids to learn about measurements

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19. Because they're cute!

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