19 strange inventions that prove human creativity knows no bounds

Humans need to invent, to create - it's all part of our evolutionary process. Where would we be if no one invented things? Probably back in the dark ages, but bearing in mind that the best inventions are designed to make our lives easier, that doesn't mean they all hit the mark.

Some creative minds are bent on going that little bit further. Their goal is to create something original, even if it's not a life necessity. They may well have lots of followers or customers, but their inventions seem to be more for fun than anything else. To give you an idea, here's a super-strange selection that ranges from genius to crazy, and proves human creativity knows no bounds...

1. An anti-paparazzi cloak (flash photo on the right)

© whatstheishu / Instagram  

2. A tissue pre-infected with a human sneeze!

© vaevtissue.com  

3. Adhesive soles so you go anywhere without shoes

© nakefit_ / Instagram   © nakefit_ / Instagram 

4. A book store where you can't judge a book by its cover

6. The Ben & Jerry's graveyard full of flavors that no longer exist

© Doug Kerr / Flickr  

6. Guess the flavor...

© UnpurePurist / Reddit  

7. A clever way to keep your hands clean when leaving a restroom

© Unknown / Imgur  

8. A gadget to attach a ball, so you can get a great selfie with your dog

9. A $5 hands-free Oreo dispenser

10. It makes a change from white or pink...

© festisredbull / Reddit  

11. A practical way to clean under the couch!

© amazon.com  

12. Clever technology for better road safety

13. A pencil that also lets you grow a plant

© sproutworld_pencil / Instagram   © sproutworld_pencil / Instagram  

14. A bus that's powered by human waste

15. What do you think this will taste of?

16. A timer cap, so you can keep track of when the container was last opened

17. A movie theater with screens in the restroom so you don't miss a minute

© FPS / Reddit  

18. You'll need matches or a lighter to read this book!

19. Work up a sweat to show off the slogan