19 situations where something really lucky happened

Strokes of luck often arrive when we least expect them. Do we all deserve these happy moments? Some people believe we attract luck by doing positive things that mean we create good karma that's paid off.

Other people believe that luck is more a matter of hit and miss. Nothing can be predicted and we have no control over how or when we have a lucky moment. But, whatever we believe, you'll have to agree that some people seem to have all the luck in the world...

1. A drink dispenser that delivered a can of soda complete with a stuck coin

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2. This guy from Arkansas found a block of quartz worth $4m!

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3. Coins that stopped a bullet and saved a life during the first world war

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4. A very near miss

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5. When an arrow pierces the USB port and misses the screen!

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6. It may not be millions, but still a pleasure to find this in a wallet that you've just bought!

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7. When you get given change and realize it's a valuable coin!

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8. A sign that they should play the lottery?

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9. Time to take aim

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10. When you buy a house and find this under the carpet

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11. A couple of seconds after they crossed this road

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12. A treasure trove discovered in a second-hand board game!

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13. An extra helping for free!

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14. Ever seen a triple-yolker?

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15. Two very relieved drivers!

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16. "The Great Wall… I was fortunate enough to go on a tour where there were virtually no other people. The sun had not hit the Mongolian side so it was still covered in snow from the night before.”

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17. Finding a coin when picking blueberries

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18. When you accidentally shred a receipt, but manage to find the important part

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19. What are the chances of this happening?

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