19 situations that show when someone had one job to do and failed

There are jobs that require a lot of thinking and some pretty awesome skills. Others, on the other hand, can be done by anyone, and yet there are times when employees fail miserably.

Do you think we’re being too mean? Here are 19 images that prove us right

1. How is this even possible?! 

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2. So now it's impossible to use this mouse! 

3. Can anyone explain this?

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4. Careful, it's a trap bench.

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5. They were either drunk or didn't like the car's owner.

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6. They were close!

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7. The art of taking people for fools

8. They only missed it by a few inches...

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9. Who wouldn't notice this?

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10. He must've been absent the day they taught geography! 

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11. It must've been a Monday morning…

12. This is what happens when the coffee maker is broken…

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13. This is in fact Dracula's private apartment below: no window = no light!

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14. How could this have happened?

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15. Must be in one of those rough school districts…

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16. Perfect! The quality of education here leaves us speechless.

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17. Has Jesus been here?

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18. Without a doubt, your money is safe here!

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19. Any idea what was going through the minds of the installers here?

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