19 situations that make little or no sense at all

You can't find your shoe, but you remember where you left it? Look around. Maybe your pet boa swallowed it thinking that it was a tasty treat?

Just one example of the puzzling things that are part and parcel of everyday life, invariably followed by a sense of relief when we realize we're not going crazy. Unfortunately things are not always that simple. Some events remain indecipherable mysteries, just like a number of the following:

1. Overuse? Caught fire? Someone seeking revenge?

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2. Challenge No.1: fish this out without covering your hand in paint

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3. Looks like someone's had their porch stolen...

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4. Easy - attach a plastic bottle and pierce holes in the base

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5. We hope it tasted good

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6. When you find an ancient fossil while renovating your kitchen

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7. "8 years ago my teacher told me I would never achieve any thing in life, but I managed to marry his daughter!"

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8. Because all household members deserve a treat?

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9. Excessive packaging

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10. Evolution... Darwin would be so proud...

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11. Just a dog looking for somewhere to sit

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12.  A house in Moldova

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13. Surely the whole point is also to get some exercise?

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14. Would you sit near this guy?

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15. He's going to be so happy to find this when he returns from vacation

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16. Surely this must be a bridesmaids' prank?

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17. When a tooth is happy it got pulled out

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18. This fan needs a good water...

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19. Even superheros fall on hard times

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