19 situations that make even the calmest people angry

Anger is a natural feeling. It rises within us when something unbelievable happens right in front of us, or when a hair-raising experience happens to us!

Anger builds when we have to deal with surprises that are unpleasant. For example, when someone leaves their gum under the table. Understand? Well, take a look at the pictures below, and see for yourself...

1. Now how am I supposed to press the button?

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2. It’s not even dark yet and the car behind me has their high beams on!

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3. Here’s an example of playing the consumer for a fool!

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4. I have two choices: drive over the car or call the police?

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5. The timer on this automatic faucet is way too short!

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6. What I ordered vs. what I got: the blue is a little darker, and it’s not even the same style.

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7. Selfishness in all its glory!

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8. What’s worse: letting the kid do it, or filming it?

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9. All the pens are supposed to be the same color!

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10. He might have been half asleep when he parked

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11. When you get a drink and there’s more ice than drink!

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12. Advertising wins: you’re not going to buy anything AND now you have to get a car wash!

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13. When you buy jeans and you get all these extras...

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14. When someone plays a game in public with the sound turned up!

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15. On paper, it's appetizing. In reality, it’s appalling...

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16. When you wake up and realize that your phone didn’t charge at all last night

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17. There’s nothing more annoying than when the top doesn’t open right!

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18. At the movie theater, there are respectful people... and then there are others!

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19. Exactly why you need to return your cart to the corral when you’re done with it!

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