19 simple tips to make everyday life easier

We all have "good" ideas, but sadly even our most genius moments can end in tears! How many times have you come across a problem and tried your "tested" method only to suffer a total fail? Do you wish you had more life hacks to deal with everyday glitches?

Or do you let things slide and pretend nothing's happened? Whatever you think, you might want to check out the following tips - some of them are surprisingly simple! Whether you want to clean your filthy sneakers or tidy up wrapping paper, you'll find plenty of great ideas here!

1. Micellar water does more than just cleanse skin!

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2. Trust us, this works!

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3. Put a drop of essential oil on your toilet paper's cardboard rather than buy an air freshner

4. Use toilet paper rolls to store wrapping paper

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5. Great if you have heated car seats

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6. If you don't have rubber-tipped clothes hangers, use balloons to stop your clothes from sliding off

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7. Slowly reheat pizza slices in a non-stick frying pan

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8. It takes just a hair grip to flatten a make-up brush

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9. Fluff up carpets with a fork after moving furniture

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10. Heating bananas in an oven will ripen them up

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11. Use springs to strengthen old cables

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12. Use a kitchen towel roll to make a glasses case

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13. An easy way to rinse pounds of potatoes

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14. Hide your keys by attaching them to your bra strap

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15. Use double-sided tape or velcro to secure a rug

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16. Use lipstick as a guide if you need to align your door's handle

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17. Spray body oil on before applying your perfume to make the scent last longer

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18. Place a banana skin on your forehead to soothe a headache - it's all down to bananas' high potassium content

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19. Treat sunburn by smeaing on mint-perfumed shave foam.  Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

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