19 side-splittingly funny airport pickup signs

Who has waited for or been met by someone holding a sign at an airport's arrivals lounge? We usually just see a name and, if it's a romantic reunion, then maybe a bunch of flowers, but as you'll see from this selection, some people prefer to liven things up!

Here are 19 people who decided to hold hilariously funny and/or highly embarrassing signs as they patiently waited for a passenger to arrive.

1. When your girlfriend asks you to pick up her up from the airport

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2. Because Christmas kitsch is the best way to embarrass your family

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3. Discretion is everything…

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4. Cole Tesar got home from military service to finally meet his baby girl!

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5. Because even Darth Vader uses commercial airlines

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6. A little girl waiting for her grandma and grandpa to arrive

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7. Hilarious!

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8. How to force every passenger to look grumpy

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9. A rather random message...

10. How to get on your in-laws' good side

11. A great 'welcome back from your vacation' sign

12. Wonder how much she paid?

13. How to lose your best friend...

14. When the passenger returning home has a tummy bug

15. Ahhh… Friends!

16. An original Yuletide greeting

17. Forewarned is forearmed

18. How to wind up your dad

19. LOL, these kids are in SO much trouble!

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