19 professional culinary tips that will completely revolutionize the way you cook

Cooking isn't just a necessity, it's also an art.  The good news is that there plenty of tips and tricks that will turn your basic meal into a culinary wonder.  To help you, Happy Facts has put together 19 cooking-related hacks designed to bring out your inner Michelin star chef...

1. Need to save soup that's too salty?

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There are a number of things you can do. For example, you can fill a cheesecloth with some grains, pop it into the pan and bring it to the boil. It'll soak up any excess salt. You can also dip a tablespoon of sugar in the pan. As soon as the sugar starts to melt, take it out and repeat until you get the right taste.

2. How to make beef more tender

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If you love your steak extra tender, then marinate it in mayonnaise or black tea for a few hours! 

3. Maize

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Leftover corn on the cobs can be used to make salads - just slice off the grains with a knife!

4. How to preserve rich flavors

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Serve hot food on hot plates and cold food on chilled plates.  That way your dish will taste fresh and full of flavor!

5. How to separate egg  yolks

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Don't waste your hard-earned money on gadgets - just use a bottle to separate the yolk from the white.

6. Adding milk to mash potato

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Adding cold milk can turn mash potato gray.  Adding boiling milk, however, will keep its lovely creamy color.

7. Tasty, fun ice cubes

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Impress your friends with these eye-catching, tasty ice cubes. Just finely chop green vegetables, add some olive oil and pour the mixture into ice molds.  You can make sweet varieties for drinks by using lemon or orange slices, mint leaves and berries in water.

8. Wine ice cubes

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Pre-prepare some red or white wine ice cubes that you can store and add to dishes whenever you want!

9. Use up bread before it goes stale

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If you're bored of making sandwiches with leftover bread, why not make a cheese bread?  It's easy and a great family snack solution! 

10. Keep vegetables fresh

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Keep vegetables such as celery and broccoli fresher for longer by wrapping them in aluminum foil.

11. How to reheat baked food for maximum tastiness

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For example, left over pizza tastes much better if you reheat it in frying pan rather than a microwave.

12. How to stop an avocado from going brown

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A really easy, useful tip!  Sprinkle the cut avocado with apple cider vinegar and store on top of a sliced onion

13. How to make kitchen knives easier to grip

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Tie elastic bands around knife handles to get a comfy, non-slip grip!

14. A mayonnaise substitute

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If you've run out of mayonnaise, but have some sour cream in the fridge, then you can make a tasty substitute.  Just blend the sour cream with the yoke of a hard-boiled egg and add mustard, salt and pepper to taste!

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15. How to keep chopped onions fresh

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Keep chopped onion fresh by sprinkling it with salt. You can also wrap it in cling film that's been greased with vegetable oil.

16. Get rid of smells that have clung to pots, pans and plates

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Remove any strong odors, such as fish or onions, by washing your pots and plates with a water and vinegar.

17. Make Turkish coffee with a cezve

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Let the coffee grounds settle on the bottom of the cezve, add a teaspoon of cold water, wait 30 seconds and then pour into a cup.

18. Preserve bread

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Bread will stay fresher for longer if you store it with apple slices!

19. Make sure your fries are always crispy

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Keep fries crispy by draining them on a paper towel or by cooking them for a few seconds in a microwave before you fry them.


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