19 products that didn’t look like the picture

There’s a world of difference between reality and what is depicted on the packages of cookies, frozen lasagna and other products.

We know that packaging sometimes displays very different photos from the actual product, but we continue to hope that we’ll get what we’re promised.

Here are 19 comparisons between what the picture promised and what the buyer actually got.

1. Once she received it, she discovered that it barely even fits the cat.

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2. This lasagna is nothing like the picture.

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3. It was supposed to be a tie-dye colored drink…

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4. Never buy a product online where the size is not specified.

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5. The package promised something a little more ambitious.

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6. Color saturation is misleading.

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7. Poor Sonic looks like he’s melting.

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8. The drink ordered vs. the drink received

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9. I think I need to look at that poster again.

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10. He got screwed…

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11. A bandage that’s supposed to resist nails

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12. A small well-centered slice!

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13. A mutant SpongeBob…

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14. It would have been better to just leave it wrapped up.

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15. They forgot the filling…

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16. These Pop Tart Bites really don’t look like the picture on the package!

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17. Keeps bacteria out – but also keeps you out.

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18. Extra toasty, for sure.

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19. Spider Man is unrecognizable.

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