19 photos that will scare everyone (except for thrill seekers!)

Do you like getting scared? If so, the photo gallery below is for you. On the other hand, if you hate scary images, then you’d better skip this one. Especially if you’re alone, it’s dark, or you live in an isolated area.

Some people like to get goosebumps, but others don’t care for it at all. It must be a little strange to want to live in the places you’ll see below.

1. Ummm, on second thought, maybe not!

© uncle_drunky / reddit  

2. Imagine seeing this through your window, like in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

© wadeybb / reddit  

3. I don’t think you’d even touch this toothbrush!

© unknown/imgur  

4. This python wants to show you how to use a microwave!

© nayafko / pikabu  

5. I think I’ll drink it without the straw!

© u/Jgrnaut / reddit  

6. Escalators can sometimes be dangerous!

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7. Anaconda!

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8. You wouldn’t want to put your finger on this!

© Xavimoose |/ reddit  

9. Wonder how the photographer made out?

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10. Halloween is over!

© u/spenardagain / reddit  

11. What if he had started the car without seeing this...

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12. One light on in an abandoned hospital...

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13. Who dares to go down this hall?

© u/holleyfieldart / reddit  

14. Why would anyone have this doll?

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15. A funny way to do your hair!

© /hypo-osmotic / reddit  

16. A tornado of birds!

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17. Do not open!

© livingtool / reddit  

18. A giant spider crab!

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