19 photos taken at just the right moment

“Veni, vidi, vici.” “I came, I saw, I conquered.” This famous phrase by Julius Caesar could very well be said by talented photographers. Some have managed to master their environment and take pictures that end up going viral.

The series of photos below shows that art is really present in those who indulge in their passion, with their camera in hand, either as a hobby or as a profession. They can be proud of what they captured. Here’s proof.

1. A giant seagull, or just an optical effect?

© antiocial/tumblr  

2. Talk about Jaws!

© penseese/twitter  

3. Vertical, horizontal? Those lines are blurred here.

© katsumodo47/imgur  

4. Calm, still water... but not for long!

© unknwon/imgur  

5. She’s quietly sipping her Coca-Cola...

© TheOneAndOnlyLiam/reddit  

6. The famous long frog!

© programagor/imgur  

7. So, young or old?

© Pirate_Redbeard/reddit  

8. He wore his nicest shirt, and she wore her prettiest dress!

© unknown/imgur  

9. My dog turning into a fire-breathing dragon!

© Bilautaa/reddit 

10. She’s a tall drink of woman!

© Mystrangeplovez/pikabu  

11. Just sun bathing!

© unknown/imgur  

12. Lord of the Smoke Rings

© unknown/imgur  

13. Cat-TV

© unknown/imgur  

14. A glass of American wine!

© doublebeatloaf/reddit  

15. Apparently it works!

© unknown/reddit 

16. The Sutro Tower in San Francisco fog looks like the Flying Dutchman’s floating ship!

© unknown/imgur  

17. One ear up, alright!

© airbrat/reddit  

18. “I’ll watch over you.”

© xLLys/reddit  

19. Denied.

© TheSANEG/reddit