19 photos that sum up life between brothers and sisters

Hands up if you have brother who spends all his time making fun of you! Or maybe you have a big sister who mercilessly teases you at every opportunity? Families wouldn't be the same without this well-known sibling rivalry - the often funny bickering included!

If you don't have any siblings, you probably still know brothers and sisters that fight like cats and dogs. And if you're feeling left out, here's a hilarious selection of photos... You may well end up being glad that you're an only child!

1. "I had my leg amputated and my brother turned up at the hospital disguised as a pirate"

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2. When a big sister decides to have some fun

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3. How to humiliate your sister with one simple sign

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4. When your vegan sister passes out after a night partying

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5. Never leave you sister alone with your ice cream

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6. "My sister got married and asked me to keep her a copy of that day's newspaper."

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7. Some jokes know no limit!

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8. When your brother uses this as the wrapping for your gift

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9. A Christmas surprise

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10. When your brother says he's sent you a surprise gift

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11. Just to wind you up...

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12. When your brother does this as you are flirting with a potential date

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13. "Don't even think about it..."

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14. We all know what happens next!

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15. It's the thought that counts

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16. One of the worst types of joke!

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17. When you ask your brother to make you something to eat

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18. Remember the ice bucket challenge ?

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19. Honesty is the best policy...

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